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Performance Prime develops and delivers programs & products that are designed to help individuals, teams, & groups realize their maximum performance potential.

Our clients come from many walks of life but they share a common ambition: to be successful at the highest levels of the performance world in which they work or compete.

Through individually tailored education, evaluation, training and consulting services, we provide our clients with the tools and guidance required to allow them to achieve their goals regardless of the environment in which they need to perform.

Over the years we have had the privilege of working with clients in the following fields:

  • Motor racing drivers (including F1 champions Ayrton Senna & Nigel Mansell)
  • Business professionals
  • Parents and coaches
  • Beauty pageant contestants
  • Military Special Forces
  • Police, fire fighters, ambulance, and special rescue personnel
  • Commercial, competition, and fighter pilots
  • Medical professionals including doctors, nurses, and surgeons
  • Entertainment professionals including actors, singers, and television personalities
  • A broad cross-section of team and individual sports

Jacques Dallaire

Performance prime was founded and is headed by Performance Specialist Dr. Jacques Dallaire.
Having received his Doctorate in Exercise Physiology from the University of Alberta (Canada) in 1979 Dr. Dallaire  taught at McGill University in Montreal for five years before assuming the newly-created position of Manager of Science and Medicine Programs at Sport Canada (a division of the Canadian Government’s Ministry of Fitness and Amateur Sport). While there, Dr. Dallaire was responsible for the management of the Sport Science Support Program which provided funding to more than forty National Sport Governing Bodies, to support their sport science initiatives. He was also on the review panel for the Sport Science Research Program and served as the liaison between the government of Canada and the Sports Medicine Council of Canada and its four professional member organizations.

Dr. Dallaire relocated to the US in 1992 to develop a comprehensive performance enhancement program under the name Human Performance International, where he served as President for eight years. In 1998 he moved to the Charlotte, NC area where he ultimately formed Performance Prime and currently serves as its President.

Over the past forty years, Dr. Dallaire has enjoyed the opportunity to work directly with thousands of individuals from the high-performance sport world and beyond including law enforcement, the entertainment world, and the business community. Dr. Dallaire splits his time delivering sports team, occupational group, and corporate team performance programs as well as individual one-on-one programs with high-performance competitors. He is a Founding Member of the International Council of Motorsport Sciences, a Board Member of the Stand 21 ‘Racing Goes Safer’ Foundation, and in 2007 was inducted into the Canadian Motorsports Hall of Fame – recognizing his innovative, state-of-the-art training strategies and the impact he has had on the sport.